You and Shannon are amazing. I know it must seem at times like you may fall into a “average” category, but your center is honestly the best I’ve ever seen. Your dedication and Shannon’s support of your business is really not the norm! You go above and beyond in everything you do, and it shows. The children you care for are given the best possible start in life they could receive…your care for them is a gift!

                                                                                     – YoungStar Consultant

You and what you have is an inspiration to others in the field.  I really think you excel over most family and group programs in this area. I want to encourage you to keep that up. You are setting the bar for others to try and reach for, and showing that you are a quality facility that is very very doable in a family child care setting                              

                                                         -College Instructor UW Platteville

I appreciate so much all that you do in your daycare program & how you have helped my Grandson grow and develop.


You have a special place in our hearts and in our family.  We absolutely adore you both and are forever grateful for the love, joy and learning that you give our kids.

                                                                                                  -Daycare Parent

Today one of my older daycare children said, “Nancy, do you still think you will have the daycare when I have children?”, I answered, “well i’m not sure, I may be ready to retire by then”,  he then says, “well I hope you still have the daycare, so my kids can come here too!”

-Daycare Child

“Thank you so much for everything you do, every day of the year!  You are truly a blessing to our family.  The care and nurturing you provide is literally priceless”

- Daycare Parent

“Thank You for everything you have done for our children.  We are truly blessed to have you!

 - Daycare Parent

“This observation was amazing.  Nancy has put forth much effort to give the children and families best possible ‘quality’ care”

YoungStar Consultant

“Nancy has an extremely well planned program for chldren that meets the needs of all age groups.”

“Nancy provides outstanding supervision and takes the time to interact individually with the children.”

- State of WI Licensing Specialist

“We really enjoy that you take care of our son. He has come a long way and we’re very proud of him.”

- Daycare Parent

“Your videos and activity plans are outstanding.”    “When I observed your videos, I could tell that the children had a sense of security.  That does not happen randomly and it cannot be ‘faked’ for a short period of time.  It develops because of clear and consistent and appropriate forms of connection and guidance.”

- College Instructor

You and Shannon are forever in the hearts of the children and their families!  What a tremendously positive impact you have on the lives of those children and at such an important age!”

- Grand Parent

“We are really lucky to have you.  You are a great daycare provider and it shows through everyday with all the time, energy and care you give to our children.  I felt so comfortable knowing she was with you.”

– Daycare Parent

Couldn’t be prouder of my little girl. She is doing so good in school! Thank you Nancy Storkel for starting her off on the right foot! I do and will always recommend you for child care! You truly are amazing!!!

- Daycare Parent